Welcome to the 'Hood, El Bori-Mex Supermarket.

Owners Jorge and Yara Gonzalez opened El Bori-Mex Supermarket in Riverview in late February. Jorge is a native of Puerto Rico, and his wife, Yara, is from Mexico.

I went searching for the ingredients to make coconut flan and found more kinds of coconut milk than I ever imagined.

I got a little side-tracked looking at the fresh, baked pastries....

and browsing the produce aisle pondering the yuca, name blanco and dasheen. I'm not sure what they are either; well yuca - yes, name blanco and dasheen - no.

I barely scratched the surface of all the other products displayed on seven aisles. I breezed right past the fresh meat cases.

The fresh Cuban bread is baked daily. I took home a Cuban sandwich from its deli. It was good, but I prefer the traditional Cuban bread that is split on top and has a crisper crust.

I also spotted every kind of spice you could possibly need. I found three huge displays of Badia, Mojave and El Guapo - and perhaps EVERY Goya product on the market!

As you can see, the store is very clean. The clerks were especially friendly and eager to help, when asked. I'll be headed back soon!

El Bori-Mex Supermarket
9613 Hwy. 301 South
Riverview, FL 33578
(813) 374-2353


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