All rolled up in one meat package

One of my favorite bloggers is Paris transplant David Lebovitz. When I saw his Involtini (Feta and Prosciutto rolls), I knew it was my kind of recipe - minimal ingredients and little time involved. I made them for a recent neighborhood get-together to say good-bye to our snowbird friends Greg and Chris Louch of Michigan.

David, once again, your recipe knocked one out of the ballpark!

This has to be the easiest appetizer to make, as long as you are willing to invest a little time navigating the thin slices of prosciutto that like to separate without warning. Sure you could use sliced ham, but the flavor is so superior with prosciutto.

The process is easy enough. The prosciutto is wrapped around small blocks of feta cheese and your favorite herb leaf. I experimented with basil, mint and sage. Mint was my favorite. Then drizzle with olive oil and add a dash of fresh pepper.


Spring has sprung at Colorfield Farms

A flower here, an herb there...

Colorfield Frams, Inc.
8221 State Road 674
Wimauma, FL
(813) 833-2545


The time to enjoy strawberries is now

I'm in heaven with all the sensational fruits and vegetables exploding at the markets and fruit stands right now. Everything looks so tempting.

I stopped by Hydro Harvest Farms this morning and found LOTS of strawberries!! Sweet and ready for picking. Owner John Lawson is currently running a promotional sale at half off! Sounds good to me!

As soon as I got home with my berries, I made an easy parfait using plain yogurt, sliced strawberries and crushed graham crackers.

Open Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm
Sunday 11am - 4pm
1101 East Shell Point Road
Ruskin, FL 33570


Lotsa Matzah!

Yesterday at the grocery store I found shopping carts piled with clearance Easter candy. Passing by the mountain of sugar, I saw several five-pound boxes of Manischewitz Matzos. The price was only $8.99 for the whole box. Oy vey!

Although I am not Jewish, I can eat matzoh all year long. Buttered, salted or drizzled with honey, they make a great snack!


Where am I?

I have a Table Scraps logo apron for the first person that can tell me where I am (restaurant name). Post your answer in the comments below.