This Is My Backyard... or Not.

Well, I wish it were part of my backyard. Thankfully, this slice of fresh-herb heaven is only a few miles from my herb-less backyard.

This morning I needed oregano, basil, thyme and dill for a new recipe. Instead of shucking out the $10 it was probably going to cost me at the supermarket, I went to Hydro Harvest Farms here in Ruskin and picked my own.

The entranceway to the farm is lined with herbs. And for only $2.50, you can squeeze, stuff, fold or pack a plastic clamshell container with any combination you need. Hydro Harvest owner, John Lawson, told me that even if your container is overflowing, you still only pay $2.50.

What a deal, Camille!

Ready for picking are hydroponically grown rosemary, three varieties of mint, tarragon, oregano, stevia, dill, sage and I bet a few I haven't named.

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