Raw food curious?

An enthusiastic group of about two dozen of us gathered at Grand Kitchen & Bath in St. Petersburg the night before last to watch Elizabeth Dougherty from Food Nation Radio Network and Dr. LindaJoy Rose, guest chef, educator and cookbook author.

Demonstrating recipes from her book "Raw Fusion Recipes," LJ, as she prefers to be called, made this portobello pesto pizza. It was unbelievably good. I'll be making this at home for sure.

And look ma, no oven was used. The "crust" was fashioned out of ground walnuts, pecans, dates, fresh herbs and olive oil. The layer of cheesy spread was actually made of macadamias, soaked and pulsed in a food processor. The topping included tomatoes, spinach, red peppers and other natural fixings.

To listen to the broadcast of this event, tune in to Elizabeth's July 23 Food Nation show at 9 a.m. on WTAN 1340 AM.

I'll be writing more about my "raw fusion" experience and this recipe in next week's Table Scraps column in the South Shore News & Tribune and on tbo.com.

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VLH said...

I was there too. Totally impressed. Your article is nice and tight with on-point images.