Roasted Florida sweet onions

Welcome, spring!

Sunday night I used up the last of the Florida sweet onions I recently got from John Lawson at Hydro Harvest Farms in Ruskin. We were having family over for a simple hamburger dinner.

While I was looking for a side dish for my burgers, I remembered the recipe John shared for roasted onions.

As my son-in-law Ben came through the door, he said, "Mmm, something smells good. What are you cooking?"

Buttery and tender, the onions tasted as good as they smelled. I especially liked the ones I soaked in balsamic vinegar. Try them as a new side dish.

The preparation takes only a few minutes. If you're using smaller Florida onions, like I did, add only a quarter of a beef bouillon cube, and bake them for 45 minutes.


4 Florida sweet onions
4 cubes beef bouillon
4 tablespoons butter (substitute balsamic vinegar for less calories)

Preheat an outdoor grill on medium heat and lightly oil the grate, or roast in the oven at 400 degrees for one hour. Peel each onion and core out the center. Drop a beef bouillon in the core of each onion and cover the bouillon with 1 tablespoon of butter. Wrap tightly in aluminum foil to keep in the juices.

Hydro Harvest Farms
1101 Shell Point Rd. E.
Ruskin, FL 33570


Rowena @ Saraplicious! Kitchen said...

My Home Chefs group is actually going to Hydro Harvest Farms this week for a tour. We can't wait.

Table Scraps said...

Oh, you'll have fun! Be sure to take pick, and take home some strawberries.