Lunch at Ikea was väldigt bra or "very good" in Swedish

I've made several trips to Ikea lately, since we moved several weeks ago. We went from a cavernous kitchen with lots of cabinetry to a smaller one with about two-thirds less.

Shopping at Ikea is kind of a nightmare for me. I feel like I'm walking around in circles the entire time I'm there.

After an hour of wandering, we had worked up an appetite and needed to take a load off. This is when it got good. Lunch:

Our reward for meandering the maze of furniture displays was the Ikea cafeteria. It was a welcome haven with unexpected cafeteria fare-- a plate of gravlax beautifully arranged on a lettuce-lined dinner plate. Thin, lightly smoked slices of cured salmon were edged with fresh dill weed and a tangy mustard dill sauce. It was light, fresh and delicious.

This is a Princess Cake. I think the reason I got this was because of its name and the greenish yellow fondant that resembled a tennis ball. What the heck is a Princess Cake? Basically, it's a little ball of frozen cream with raspberry jam and white cake. Väldigt bra!

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