Spinach for breakfast? Popeye would approve.

I picked up this beautiful bunch of Okinawa spinach recently at Greens on the Gro Farm in Palmetto.

The charming seven acre hydroponic farm grows a variety of greens, fruits and vegetables.

Too pretty to eat? Hardly.

The edible dark green leaves, with reddish purple undersides were destined for a special breakfast treat - olive oil fried egg with wilted spinach.

Greens On The Gro Farm
2309 Ellenton-Gillette Road (aka 36th Ave. E.)
Palmetto, FL 34221


Tams Wright said...

That spinach looks beautiful!

Sue @ All About Food said...

What pretty spinach. You just gave me an idea for breakfast. Maybe I'll toss in some garlic and sprinkle some roasted red pepper over the top. Off to the refrigerator!