MD Oriental Market Brandon

Have you been to the new MD Oriental Market in Brandon?

I've heard from several people this week much they love this Asian foods store. They like its size, huge inventory and variety of unusual, hard-to-find items.

You can read about my shopping experience here, in this week's South Shore News & Tribune.

MD Oriental Market Brandon
10127 E. Adamo Drive (State Road 60)
(813) 443-2188


Shari said...

Gordy and I went yesterday.....it was all you said it is and then some

sweetjeanette said...

Oh wow! I'm going to have to put that on my must stop at sites! Thanks!

Carlos said...

I love MD!

Anonymous said...

watch out for expired stuff, eg . soy sauce, tofu and others, it will give us undesirable cooked dishes and wasting big times.