Old fashioned meat market

There was a butcher's shop we used to go to as a kid in Minnesota that was called the Osseo Meat Market, an old-fashioned place to get custom-cut meats. On Saturdays, we'd come home with a brown bag filled with small parcels, all labeled and wrapped in white paper.

Long gone are the days when every neighborhood has its own version of "Osseo Meat Market" — the place that knows customers' names and how to personalize their orders. These family-run shops are harder and harder to find.

When I first learned about Apollo Meats, I decided to stop in and give it a try.

I always receive the same, top-notch service experience there and have become a huge fan. If I need chicken cut into strips, the owners do it for me; if I don't know how to cook something, they give me suggestions; and if I need rock shrimp or something else they don't carry regularly, they order them for me.

The newest menu item in the meat case is black angus pepper sausage. It's made on the premises, with no preservatives. I can't wait to fix it!

Apollo Meats
226 Apollo Beach Blvd.
Apollo Beach, FL 33572
(813) 645-2379.


All About Food said...

Sounds like a great place, Lynn. I caught the meat market bug from my mom. She loved to visit a butcher's shop like I love to go to a chocolate shop. But, because of her contagious bug, I never drive by a small-town meat market without stopping. We have three independent neighborhood meat markets here in Bemidji, MN. You'd love them.

Rennmaus said...

We still have lots of those butcher's shops here in Germany! But I am not a big meat eater so I do not go there often....

E. Thai said...

The only meat market I know is "Cheers" where everybody knows your name. Just kidding.

Meat market are now specialty shops, and that usually means higher prices. Publix and Fresh market are so well run you can get almost any kind of meat there. And they are always so courteous they will cut up something for you, if you ask. But I will give Appollo Meat a visit when I'm in the area.

Table Scraps said...

I know, I would have thought that they would have higher prices too, but guess what? I find their prices are less, or comparable than the meat prices at the large supermarket chains. The meat is cut right in front of you FRESH, not packaged... Please do give them a try and let me know what you think.

Cramy said...

I concur. The prices are totally comparable and often better. Don't forget about the Saturday Specials and the Discount Freezer too! Each week they run sales on 5-6 different types of meat. And the discount freezer gets a deeper discount as the week progresses, starting at 20% off and moving up to 40% at the end of the week.

Anonymous said...
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