The incredible sulk

The results are in and someone named Jen Senel, won. Congratulations, Jen!

Am I jealous? You're darn tootin' I am.

For those who missed it, blogger Randy Watson over at The Wine Whore recently held his first Wine Whore Online Scavenger Hunt. Participants, like me, were sent to an obstacle course of twenty-some different Web sites looking for wine- related answers.

What I know about wine couldn't fill a Dixie cup. But I thought , "How hard could it be?"

We were seeking answers to questions like, "Table Scraps author Lynn Kessel cubes, freezes, then tosses what favorite summer fruit into a glass of white wine?" Okay, so I was guaranteed to get at least the answer to that one right.

Other questions like "What's the most expensive wine that's ever been reviewed on www.wineweek.com.au"? Searching for that answer was not so easy.

It seems I miscalculated. It was a tad harder than I thought.

Jen's prize? A bottle of wine? No, it was something much better — the coveted, limited edition of, and she'll probably get compliments every time she wears it, the first-ever Whiney-award medal.

I taste sour grapes.

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