Avocado season: Most wonderful time of the year

Much to my surprise, a large FedEx box arrived this morning.

It was from my brother Dan and his wife, Polly, who live near West Palm Beach. "Please be what I think it is," I thought, as I opened the box. By its heft and time of arrival, I supected what was inside. Slitting the box open, I took a quick look inside.

Woohoo! I was right. My gift was a dozen or so brilliant green, rock-hard avocados from Dan and Polly's backyard. I'll ripen them on the counter top before moving them into the fridge.

Florida accounts for around nine percent of the U.S. avocado production. Harvest season in Florida runs from late-May through March. Last year, Dan and Polly's tree didn't produce much; this year, it looks like their in for a lot of guac.

At our house, we eat avocados in dozens of ways. Nothing is better than a ripe avocado cut in half, sprinkled with salt, pepper and lime juice, and then eaten with a spoon, just like butter. And a BLT sandwich without avocado slices? Boring.


Rennmaus said...

I also looove avocados. I prepare a yummy guacamole as a side for every tex mex meal I am cooking.... - YUM - and so healthy!

Table Scraps said...
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Table Scraps said...

Rennmaus, I'd love to have your guacamole recipe, especially in a few days when these gems all ripen at the same time. ;)

Elena De La Ville said...

half a ripe avocado... sprinkled with salt and spooned out and enjoyed... What could be better!..When do these ripen??? )))

Table Scraps said...

Hopefully within the next two or three days. (still very hard)

All About Food said...

Oh, lucky, lucky you. All those avocado treats in your future. I agree: a BLT=boring, but a BLAT=delicious!