Pampered party

My friend Joa posted a note on Facebook that she was going to host a Pampered Chef brunch party Saturday morning, and she was cooking. "Count me in," I replied.

Pampered Chef sells all kinds of high quality kitchen tools through home parties. It's been at least a decade since I last went to one.

Food and kitchen gadgets? My kind of party!

Times have changed though. Expecting to sit on my rear and watch someone else cook like in the past, I was surprised to learn that guests are now part of the show. We were asked to wash our hands and join Tammy, our Pampered Chef consultant, in the kitchen.

We each took a turn chopping, dicing and basting.

Joa's husband, Ken, loves to cook, so he joined the fun. Here he skillfully brushes our team calzone with olive oil.

Twenty minutes later and $70 lighter, I tasted a slice, which burst with chopped ham, broccoli, onions, Swiss cheese and mustard, and a final dusting of freshly grated Parmesan cheese. Did I mention the peach mimosas, cinnamon rolls, mini-sausage quiche, lemon poppy seed muffins and fresh fruit salad that Joa also made?

I can't wait to try my new stainless-steel cookie scoops — all three sizes — mini tart-shaper, pie crust shield and chef's silicone basting brush. Hey, I even won a paring knife!

Nice party, Joa!

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