Put the lime in the chilled coconut

Saturday morning, our friend Elena came up from Sarasota for a visit. While we were out-and-about, we passed by this roadside cocos frios stand. Elena suggested we stop and check it out, and I'm so glad we did. I'm also glad she speaks Spanish.

These little stands are dotted all over the South Shore area, and I've been curious to see what they offer. They sell refrigerated coconuts. When you buy one, the top is whacked off and the coconut water drained into a glass. Then the pieces of the coconut meat go into a plastic bag with lime juice and chili powder.

It was a little spicy, but citrusy fresh at the same time. I really enjoyed both the coconut water and the shards of chilled coconut meat. Can't stop wondering why I hadn't stopped sooner.
Good idea, Elena!

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E. Thai said...

As a kid in Malaysia (where I'm from), I remember eating fresh young coconut with a thin slice of young ginger. It was really good.