Breakfast with a salsa beat

Little Habana opened a year ago next door to East Coast Pizza in Riverview. When Al and Tanya Estevez, the owners, chose the name Little Habana, they weren't kidding - barely 20 seats were squeezed into the bright little nook of a dining room.

This lively Cuban restaurant has since gotten bigger. An additional dining room has more than doubled the seating for those who gather for superb, modestly priced Cuban specialties. Lots of Cuban memorabilia line the walls, while festive music is heard throughout the eatery.

We had breakfast there this morning and loved it! A visit to Little Habana would not be complete without a frothy, steaming cup or two of cafe con leche!

Al and Tanya are perfectionists and have a passion for authenticity and freshness. My dining partner enjoyed the Spanish omelette.

I ordered an omelette sandwich with chorizo on Cuban bread. It was delightful.

Mouthwatering Cuban food AND potent Cuban coffee, a big plus for SouthShore!

13352 Lincoln Road
(813) 672-5111


Scarlet O'Kara said...

This place sounds wonderful! Will have to try it.

Becky said...

When I used to work in Tampa I was addicted to cafe con leche. The food looks really good.

Kathy said...

My husband and I went there for our 25th anniversary last night. Had tilapia, shrimp and yuca swimming in ajillo (garlic sauce) with a side of fried sweet plantains. Absolutely delicious. Have been several times and loved it all.