It's time for Ruskin to shine!

Many folks consider Ruskin tomatoes the absolute best, and this year, the juicy jewels have lived up to their reputation. Luckily for me, Ruskin tomatoes are grown in my hood. Not many can make that boast!

Recently, my partner and I picked two five-gallon buckets of these stop-sign-red tomatoes. It didn't take long for me to decide what to do with them. After putting a dozen or so aside, I opted to make sauce.

I can now say with a hefty dose of pioneer pride, I have 14 quart-jars of tomato sauce lining my freezer shelves. And man, oh man, is it ever good!

Freezer tomato sauce takes a shortcut. In its simplest form, tomatoes are cooked, jarred and frozen.

You can read more about my recipe for basic tomato sauce here in this week's South Shore News & Tribune.


Tams Wright said...

Great pics!

Sue said...

Oh, you lucky, lucky girl. Those tomatoes look beautiful and the sauce sounds wonderful. I'll hang onto the recipe to use when tomatoes from Minnesota gardens are ready to pick.