Freshness at it's best - Mabry's Market

Mabry's Market in Wimauma is now open!

The exotic, sweet aroma of spices is what I first noticed upon stepping inside its homey-looking storefront.

I told co-owner Susan Bishop, "Mmm, it smells good in here!" She said that's been just about everyone's initial reaction.

This friendly farmers' market/gourmet grocery store is a delightful destination, if you're looking for seasonal and local, farm-fresh vegetables, baked goods, plants, exceptional array of spices, or cozy cookbook corner.

And soon there will be more to come!

Mabry's Market

5129e State Road 674, Wimauma

(813) 642-0191

Hours: Tues - Fri 9 - 6; Sat 9 - 3


Shari said...

oh I know where I am going as soon as I get a day off!!!! I can't wait, thanks for letting us know about it!!!

mvmaithai said...

I was in Ruskin this past weekend. Got lost while looking for a park to go. There are some nice waterfront homes over in Ruskin. I always thought Ruskin is farmland. Got some great tomatoes at Morgan Farm. Looking forward to visiting Mabry's Market.

Table Scraps said...

Eileen, did you go cruise via the river?