Food bloggers meet

I had a wonderful and exciting Friday! I finally met fellow food blogger Tammy from over at Flip Flop Foodie. Our halfway meeting point was Della's Delectables in Brandon.

And what would you expect when food bloggers meet for lunch? We talked a lot about food, the world of blogging and a little about ourselves. Or was it the other way around?

She is so easy to talk with, so comfortable to be with. Tams has a fun blog, and she certainly knows about food.

Tams recently returned from a trip to Turkey. She brought back a mega stash of saffron and was kind enough share a nice portion of it with me. You'll be hearing more about that saffron in the future.

One thing, though, how did we neglect to try those homemade moon pies at Della's?


Tams said...

I was thinking the same thing about those pumpkin whoopie pies as I drove along I4...how did I forget to try those things? Had a great time. - Tams

Table Scraps said...

We were too busy chatting, darn it. :)