Eat. Drink. Have Fun. Repeat.

I'm posting some of the photos I took when I went on the Foody Tour during my recent road trip to Savannah. I wrote about it this week in my Table Scraps column:

First stop, The Distillery. They put beer in just about everything they prepare, including these burgers marinated for 24 hours in beer, served with fries and a creole remoulade.

All of my senses were captivated at this European bakery. Yum!

My favorite stop on the tour was Polk's Fresh Market, which featured local fruits and vegetables and homemade lunches.
Polk's keeps that old-city market feel. I loved the attention to detail every where I turned, from the overalls worn by the clerk to the handmade aprons for sale. Owner Jerry Polk (on the right) could not have been more friendly.

Wright Square Cafe — how does rosemary flavored dark chocolate, pear truffles or Key lime ganache sound?

The Foody bus also stopped at Paula Dean's Lady & Sons. We were handed a small styrofoam cup and allowed to get one item from the buffet.

I chose the collard greens... melted just like buttah!

I did catch up with Paula, though she seemed a little stiff.

Last were the honey experts at the Savannah Bee Company.

Roller coaster ride for the taste buds, sampling included tastes of tupelo, sourwood, orange blossom and acacia tree honey. I enjoyed the sourwood best.


Rebecca said...

Hi Lynn,

How are you doing? I just found your posting about the Foody Tour. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Ron Higgins

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