Pet peeve, powdered Parmesan

We grabbed dinner yesterday after a more than disappointing trip to the new IKEA store in Tampa. I came away with nothing more than an inspiring idea for living room curtains.

After walking the equivalent of two football fields, I was famished. My mouth watered for Veal Piccata, and the "authentic" Italian restaurant we stopped at also offered Veal Parmesan and Veal Marsala on the menu. As I placed my order, I learned the eatery no longer served veal. Bummer.

Instead I ordered shrimp, black mussels and clams sauteed in a herb rose sauce and served over a fresh bed of linguine. It sounded marvelous — and a suitable replacement for the veal. We then were told this dish was not on the buy-one dinner, get-one free selection. Bummer again. I ordered cheese ravioli.

As soon as our plates hit the table, the server asked if we'd like cheese? Now I love freshly grated Parmesan, but what our server brought was a powdery Parmesan that she dusted over our plates with a spoon. It was a less-than-respectable final touch.

My mother told me long ago that if I didn't have anything nice to say, I shouldn't say it. At least the Chianti was good.

Do you have some low points — or dining out peeves — to share? Please add your comments to this week's blog.


Ellen said...

Nice to find someone else that appreciates fresh ingredients. I love your blog.

Unknown said...

I know exactly where you ate, my friends were telling me about the same experience they had Thursday night. It is a shame too, sometime ago it was good and one of the few enjoyable places close to home

Table Scraps said...

It's a shame and very disappointing.

Linda said...

Powdery Parm with a spoon--good grief!

I wish you hadn't gotten me started, but if you insist:
--Mozzarella cheese instead of Gruyere on French onion soup
--Tortilla chips that are chewy or greasy
--Waitpersons that squat by my table and act like they are my BFF

Thanks for letting me vent. :))