Taking charge of the blender

Our local strawberry crop ended in March, but I pureed the last flat of the lush, ripe berries I bought. I simply washed, hulled and threw them in the blender for a few seconds, and then stockpiled the puree in several Ziplock bags in my freezer. They take up less freezer space this way and are handy for sauces and drinks.

In the cabinet above the refrigerator is a bottle of tequila I purchased but never opened back in August. On Mother's Day, as the outside temps pushed 90 degrees, previewing Florida's four-month summer inferno, I thought "What better excuse for strawberry margaritas?"


E. Thai said...

I usually freeze strawberries whole, but this is a great idea. Strawberries are in their peak now in TN, @$1.50/qt. What a steal!

Table Scraps said...

I've been enjoying the frozen strawberry puree lately in plain yogurt with a dollop of whipping cream (non-fat of course).

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I always freeze strawberries but it takes so much space in the freezer. I will do it like this this year. We are in the middle of strawberry season here in Germany. How did you make the Margeritha? YUM!
Greetings from Antje Kessel/Germany (from Facebook)