Gad Zeus, yes! Go to Acropolis!

A quick trip up I-75 and we were eating lunch at the newly opened Acropolis Greek Taverna in Riverview. It's located in the trendy and stylish Winthrop Town Centre.

The atmosphere inside is warm and inviting. Lots of dark wood, beautiful murals and a cluster of hookahs on the wall contributed to the authentic Mediterranean decor.
The menu had so many delicious dishes that I barely knew where to start. Our server Phil started things off with warm Greek bread served with a creamy feta dip. I was impressed; for when the bread arrives right out of the oven, the Greek gods are smiling.

With all the menu choices, I don't know why I ordered the tabbouleh salad. Well, I do know why. I stick to the familiar — eating a light lunch. Chopped parsley and diced tomatoes dressed with lemon and olive oil are always a favorite combo. I wasn't disappointed; but I was kicking myself for not venturing outside my penchant for tabbouleh.

Along with the tabbouleh I asked for pita bread. Without hesitation Phil brought out a plate of fresh grilled pita triangles that melted in my mouth.

I started to order a glass of wine, that is until Phil brought the wine list. One glass was going to cost me $9, which is a little steep for my lunch budget. Instead I opted for a bottle of Mythos, a Greek beer that saved me $5.

For dessert, I couldn't pass up paper-thin layers of honey-and-walnut baklava. Acropolis also offers a cheesecake - or chocolate baklava, among other desserts. My piece was chilled and rather solid. I ate half and took the other half home. I have to say it was much, much better once it had reached room temperature. It was wonderfully crisp and tender.

Dinners at Acropolis includes lively belly dancing some nights, hookah smoking, traditional Greek music, fire breathing, indoor and outdoor seating - I'll be back for seconds.

Acropolis Greek Taverna
6108 Winthrop Town Centre Ave., Riverview
(813) 654-2255


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