Catfish Place "Where the Local Folks Eat"

Valentine's Day weekend, we headed to Epcot for a weekend getaway and stayed in Celebration with my brother, twin sister and their spouses.

We had some time to kill when we first got into town on Friday so I took my better half on a trip around my old neighborhood and alma mater, Osceola High School. Then we drove over to St. Cloud and ate lunch.

This is what I like best about going back home to Kissimmee and St. Cloud. While the majority of the area is unrecognizable from when I lived there dark ages ago, the Catfish Place remains a constant reminder of the past.

The fingerling catfish requires a certain eating technique. The waitress told us everyone has their own. Some folks eat the bones and all. I use the pick-it-up-and-eat-it-like-corn-on-the-cob method, being wary of the small bones, of course.

Included with my lunch were three hush puppies, french fries and sweet creamy cole slaw. Oh, I can't forget the glass of bottomless ice tea, just another reminder of Southern hospitality.

The Catfish Place
2324 13th St.
St. Cloud, Florida
(407) 892-5771

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